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Looking for a home for your business in Gloucester, but still, want to work remotely or from home?

We have it all under control.  Our Virtual Offices are based at our refurbished mill site on Alvin Street in the City Centre.  With access to meeting rooms for you to meet your clients or run training sessions, talks, workshops or seminars from.  We have all the facilities for you to change your company registered address to be based at the Home for Entrepreneurs.

A virtual office is all about positioning. Your clients, potential or existing will check out your business location and if you are based at home you are always going to look like a small business.

No-one knows how big your virtual office is here at the business centre.  We have an online directory that you are able to add your details to and we will market you as though you are based here. Because we’re proud to have you as a customer, and why not!

What should a virtual office cost? 
Well, now there’s a flexible question.  Our competition seems to think it’s ok to charge you the same amount per month that we feel we can charge per year and sometimes double that! But they say you get what you pay for, but when you break down what you are actually buying it’s a business location to house your business, a location for your post and correspondence to be delivered to and a place to meet your clients or suppliers to impress them.

We charge £60.00 per year to register a virtual office with us and with the ability to forward all types of post to any location in the world for you by scanning and emailing or physically sending the post on to an address of your choosing our virtual offices are there to keep you informed and growing in this location.

Want to know more about our Virtual Offices in Gloucester?  We would love to hear from you. Why not fill in the form below or call 01452 346835 and we can go through what you are after.

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Virtual Office Sign Up

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