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While working from home is a great place to start your entrepreneurial life, your mum’s kitchen table or a spare room isn’t really a professional location to hold a business meeting. At some point, you’ll probably want to start looking for some cheap office space in Gloucester.

There are hundreds of thousands of start-ups around the UK and while there’s been an increase in financial support through government bursaries and crowd funding, the daily costs such as rent, electricity and a decent internet connection quickly start adding up.

For most entrepreneurs and start-ups, private offices are out of the question, but there are some cool ways you can access professional offices, look good, feel super cool and impress your clients.

If you’re not sure what kind of office you’re looking for, here’s some tips on finding out what type of office in Gloucester is right for you and your company.

Whether you’re a one-(wo)man-band or a team of ten, hot desking is a cheap and flexible option for renting office space when you need to be tight with your wallet or purse. There are some really cool shared and hot desking offices located throughout Gloucestershire, many of them targeting specific business fields such as tech, creative or social enterprise.

Most hot desking offices offer a range of rental deals from daily rates to monthly or even annual subscriptions. This price usually includes access to a desk, an electricity socket and an internet connection. Fancier offices will also provide a kitchen, break out areas, meeting rooms like No1 Business Centre at Gloucester. Just remember with hot desking you don’t have a permanent desk to leave your belongings at so you must bring your laptop and other work items with you every day.

While working from your bedroom may be the perfect solution for you, you will often need a professional space in which to meet clients. You can rent meeting rooms in Gloucester for a wide range of time periods and rental prices.

Meeting rooms come with a variety of services and facilities – from tea and coffee, to projector screens and catering – there’s something to suit every budget and requirement. The best thing is that there are meeting rooms available so if you want to meet your client there is bound to be a space available.

Virtual Offices are increasing in popularity as start-ups and entrepreneurs discover the benefits of being able to work remotely while also maintaining a centralised location.

Virtual offices allow you to have a postal address (this can be particularly useful for freelancers using hot desking spaces), phone answering and letter opening services, as well as access to meeting rooms in a Gloucester based location.

So with all of these affordable office options, there’s no excuse not to move out of your basement and into something a little more professional. We are here to help with any of these services at No1 Business Centre in Gloucester. Click here to get some more details.

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Virtual Office Sign up Form

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