Remote working has become acceptable so does this mean Virtual Offices are?

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    Lawson Willett

    Watching our Virtual/Registered Office applications over the last 12 months, we have seen very little or no difference in the motives to have a base at our business centre.  The usual scenarios include a business based elsewhere either in the UK or abroad needing a base either in the local vicinity or in the region. The alternative can be seen as smoke and mirrors i.e. a business address for those that do not want their true location to be known as a home office.

    But is this more acceptable now for smaller businesses and sole traders to be based from home if they have nothing to hide?

    You could argue that we all want to know our suppliers and contractors look more professional when they are based in a professional environment.  This would give some scale to their operation and maybe a mentality to their work ethic.  But since the advent of the pandemic has this changed or started to change?

    As a business centre that deals in small to medium sizes business daily, most of our meeting room bookings are certainly from people looking to host because they would not meet their customers or suppliers from their home office.

    What are your thoughts on the Virtual Office case study? Would you be less trusting of a business that was physically based elsewhere?

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