How can I improve communication within my team?

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    Lawson Willett

    Running a group of companies brings its own politics but communication between internal managers and companies needs a rethink. We hold a weekly meeting for all employees to freely attend if they want to. This seems useful as they bounce off each other with ideas and they seem to take an interest in what other parts of the business are doing.

    Ultimately I would love them to all be working on projects jointly and be fully intertwined. Now I understand that not all projects suit that bill, but surely them being educated on each others strengths, contract wins and client activity would spark some activity?

    Now I have tried to get them to socialise at my own cost but ‘leading a horse to water’ comes to mind. I’m certainly not going to throw good money after bad in the hope that something comes of it.

    Any further ways that we could further communication with my team?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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