How can employers avoid disputes in the workplace?


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    Lawson Willett

    Like all workplaces with multiple characters, we have ‘work politics’ like everyone. But are there ways to avoid the boiling over of a situation even if the employer is not part of the situation?


    Implementing an effective workplace culture, which holds employee engagement at its core, can also help to avoid ugly workplace disputes as it creates an environment of trust and respect between employees and managers.

    One of the core elements of an effective workplace culture is to ensure two-way, open and honest communication within the workplace.

    Often, disputes occur when staff feel they are not being listened to or their concerns are not being taken seriously. Employees should feel able – and comfortable enough – to voice their opinions, whether good or bad.

    Likewise, as a fundamental part of a business’ success, employees should feel like they are involved in key business plans and decisions and be made aware of any potential issues which may affect them. This inclusive culture not only ensures employee satisfaction in their respective roles but also that everyone is informed so there are no nasty surprises, which could escalate into a potential dispute.

    With employees playing such a vital role within a business, it is important to invest in your workforce starting at the recruitment process. As well as the necessary skills and experience, does the person you are hiring have the right personality? Will they fit within the team?
    If, and when, an issue does arise, it is important it is dealt with promptly and head on. Ignoring a situation or dealing with it indirectly could exacerbate the issue, causing it to escalate further.

    If a concern is reported by an employee, seek advice early on and take it on board. Making use of any HR advice will ensure the correct procedures are being followed and help you to avoid falling at the first hurdle.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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