How are you using PPC to help your business and is it working for you?


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    Lawson Willett

    As we all know getting your PPC campaigns right is like learning an ever-evolving language.  With social media platforms showing gains with some demographics and falls in others, it’s a tall order to keep up with your target audience and where they spend their time to get their interest to force some engagement.

    As an entrepreneur, you seemingly need to read more than you action or you may be hampering your progress and reducing your website traffic and conversions.

    There are two schools of thought on the management of your PPC and online presence.  Do you contract an external body to keep up with the trends and performance of your PPC and ROI?  Does it work and do you get the right communication from your supplier or do you feel like you are having the wool pulled over your eyes because of the ‘dark art’ that is PPC?

    The second thought is the self-management method.  You like most others have the emotional intelligence to read and try to understand how to set up your campaigns but how do you really know if you are achieving the results that are out there on the internet? Does your research prove that you are getting a good ROI and the various updates in processes, trends and seemingly endless social media platforms that offer advertising models?

    Regardless of your chosen path, PPC is still the fastest route to traffic and (hopefully) conversions/sales. Your comments as always are hugely helpful to our entrepreneurs.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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