Reply To: What is personality profiling and what is the benefit of using it?


Personality profiling is a tool that can be used to help establish a well-balanced and highly productive team. We can use profiling to help with internal and external communication, self awareness and social awareness. It can also be used as a recruitment tool; once you get to know the profiling model you get an idea for which personality types would be suited to certain roles. Personality profiling is an effective way to help employers choose the right candidates for the right role but also to have an understanding of how they would fit in with their current team. It is good to consider a balance of personalities within a team; if you have several characters that are similar, they may could become distracted, over-powering or unproductive depending on the personality type. Having a variety of characters in a team helps maintain a workplace equilibrium in which an employer is able to get the most out of their staff.